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Life Cycle Costing

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is the process of estimating the total cost of an item or element over an extended period of time from 30 to 60 years, usually throughout the expected lifespan of the building.

LCC is a valuable tool in determining the true cost of an element over the life time of a building, including its total replacement and running costs.

With the correct implementation of LCC, savings in the maintenance and running costs of buildings can be significantly reduced over the life of a building.

  • Your Building is a valuable asset that needs to be monitored and looked after to get the best return for your money.
  • At MMC we use the power of BIM technology to accurately cost and schedule maintenance work.
  • Through Life Cycle Costing methods we show how to save money on the running costs.
  • We can also demonstrate the pay back period of energy efficiency upgrades.

For instance, with the new Nearly Zero Energy Building standard (NZEB), buildings should be optimized to use minimal energy to for heating. This can be achieved by increased insulation to areas susceptible to cold bridging. Thus, even if the cost of construction initially increases, the cost throughout the life cycle of the building evens out and demonstrates a better value.

BREEAM Sustainability Assessment

BREEAM Certification applications require a detailed life cycle cost analysis of options in a given format. MMCQS provides the service of coming up with said documentation to clients in the UK who wish to apply for BREEAM.