MMC Quantity Surveyors


Through a combination of experience, drive, innovation and commitment, we deliver the best results for you and your projects.

Mechanical & Electrical QS Services

A specialist service we offer is the procurement of detailed mechanical & electrical (M&E) priced or unpriced Bills of Quantities (BOQs)

Electrical Bills of Quantities – We prepare electrical bills of quantities as an outsource service to electrical contractors.

Mechanical Bills of Quantities – We also prepare mechanical bills of quantities as an outsource service to clients.

Using our advanced measurement software, we can produce accurate bills of quantities quickly from PDF drawings, CAD or BIM models.

We provide clients with a viewer file of the completed project.

This also extends to Modular Construction projects.

MMC Quantity Surveyors M&E Work Flow

At MMC we are advanced in the use of BIM for cost management. This has significant application in the M&E area. We can quickly prepare a take off of all components in a design including all bends, tees and fittings that may be too difficult or time consuming to pick up from 2D drawings.

Our system also allows us to import and take-off from 2D drawings. Here we can zoom in to drawings to pick up all the available data. Our systems and processes developed over 10 years allows us to be efficient and accurate in the production of M&E bills of quantities.