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Off-Site & Modular Construction

Modular Construction is the fabrication of ‘modules’ in a controlled environment to be transported ready-made to site and fixed together. On the other hand, Off-site construction is the fabrication of panels or building components that represent a substantial amount of pre-manufactured value (PMV).

These Modern Method of Construction are growing in popularity with the growing need for shorter construction periods and fill the skilled labour gap. Mainly due to the increased productivity & reduced time on site.

MMC have extensive experience in the economics of off-site & modular construction.

We have been involved with this area of the industry for over 10 years.

First, with an early pioneer in the off-site sector who pioneered such innovative systems as Fusion Building systems, a light gauge steel frame system and Vision Modular Systems.

We are strategic partners with Evolusion Innovation, the leading consultancy for off-site and product solutions in the UK & Ireland.

Evolusion can design, undertake testing and achieve certification for new products and systems.

We carry out comparative cost studies for different off-site systems and products for various clients.

MMC advises clients on the viability of their product and conduct feasibility studies to ensure it is commercially viable before proceeding to more expensive certification and testing stages of the development process.

By commercially assessing it’s viability at the early stages, resources can be best used or re-directed depending on the findings of the feasibility study.

We assess the impact of the costs of a system against traditional construction in terms of;

  • Comparative cost studies.
  • Opportunity costs of benefits of systems
  • Effects of costs of finance
  • Cash flow, including increased volume of units

As part of this process, we also work with Evolusion Innovation to critique products and systems in order to find any areas of improvement that would help the success of the product.

Modular construction fundamentally changes the construction process. Standard cost analyses no longer apply for modular projects and each system has different requirements and parameters for construction.

In depth knowledge of each system is required to provide the full and realistic cost of each system, make comparative cost analyses and the most suitable recommendation for each project.

As we have in-depth knowledge of the modular sector from the manufacturer and contractor perspective, we have unique knowledge of what it takes to make modular work for clients.

MMC is also working in collaboration with The Offsite Group (TOG) a collaborative group of specialists that offer consultation, engineering, design and project management services to deploy Modular and Offsite Construction methods and their benefits to developments.


How Off-site Construction Can Save Costs

One prime example of the financial benefits of Modular construction can be seen in a previous exercise conducted in conjunction with Evolusion Innovation.

We ran a cost comparison on the use of Roadstone Thermalite blocks to prevent thermal bridging and it demonstrated considerable monetary savings. These blocks would be used at floors, reveals and eaves to insulate the building and reduce the necessary costs for heating.

This has been incorporated into Roadstone’s sales materials and seminars and has helped to drive sales of this product.

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